Beers from 17-23 March 2015

These were the casks we enjoyed last week, excluding our usual weekend supply of EPA by Seven Bro7hers of Salford. For those of you with a hankering for Tweed, the team will be here on Thursday April 16th to take over our taps. We expect the welcome return of old favourites like Black Shire Stout, the opportunity to try their recent creations Hopster and Tweed Pale Ale, plus (fingers crossed) we’ll be among the first to serve one or two of their brand new brews being launched in April.

Beers from 9-16 March 2015

It was the tap takeover by Brewsmith last week but we managed to work our way through another couple of casks, not to mention the ever-popular Seven Brothers EPA which we have here every weekend. Which of those would you most like see make a return visit?

Beers from 2-8 March 2015

The first glimpse of sunshine and the merest whiff of springtime floating on the breeze brought everyone out in force last week: we had our busiest weekend since Christmas. Which was your favourite when it came time to stir yourselves out of hibernation? Not counting the ever-popular EPA by Seven Bro7hers which we have on tap every weekend, these were the casks you emptied.